Deadline for entries is November 21st2022 

2022 Chapter Mileage Game starts on January 1st. 2022 for the next Chapter Mileage game, to participate, you will need to send me your name, year/model of your bike and a photo of your odometer. Send this information to [email protected]

Your Monthly Challenge if you choose to accept it . . . This flyer may self destruct after you read it!

Our 2022 Quest is simple and designed to get you on the road! Navigate to each location and take a photo that includes the designated location, your bike, and the current year of the game’s poster (extra credit for being in all 5 pictures). At the end of the year, submit the pictures and you will have the rights to wear an exclusive patch.

Our 2022 Alphabetical “scavenger hunt” for you and your Harley modeled after the ABCs of Touring. It is a simple game designed to get you on the road. Send in a photo of yourself, the games poster, your motorcycle, and “official signs” from A-Z! Gather 20 or more for a patch at the end of the year! Take a photo of yourself holding a picture of the current year’s GNWHOG games poster, and a sign, signifying the location (or other landmark for proof of actually being there. Must be a member of the GNWHOG chapter to participate)

Get your poster today!